A work-in-progress showing of Ocean Trilogy was presented at the Oceans 16 Conference at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Friday, September 21, 2016 and at the Catch the Wave Fundraiser on October 1, 2016 at the Monterey Museum of Art, La Mirada.



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The ocean plays a key role in global climate regulation and science informs us that human activity is resulting in significant changes to the stability of this system. However, this alarming news has become politically controversial making Ocean Trilogy particularly timely. With this project, we are continuing to explore ways that dance can be at the center of a collaborative practice that brings issues to the forefront. As ocean health is compromised, Ocean Trilogy is founded on the belief that artists have an opportunity and a responsibility to weigh in, to take part in the broad conversation to raise awareness. Ocean Trilogy communicates the urgency of safeguarding ocean health on a level that reaches people’s hearts.


Ocean Trilogy is an evolving collaboration between choreographer Fran Spector Atkins, media artist William Roden, rap artist Baba Brinkman, and scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The result is a new multidisciplinary piece investigating how art and science can work together to reach audiences in new ways, challenging us all to engage with important issues facing our planet. By merging factual and aesthetic elements, Ocean Trilogy offers a portrait of the threats facing ocean health, as well as hopeful possibilities for meeting these threats from cutting-edge ocean science research. Ocean Trilogy demonstrates the power of converging disciplines as a metaphor for an ideal world where we embrace partnership and welcome creative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Ocean Trilogy is a piece in three standalone sections:


Living Ocean looks at the impact of human activity on the ocean, including pollution and fossil fuels, acidification, extinction of species, the food web, over-consumption, and political will.


Hidden Ocean looks at contributions from engineering, which uses new data-collection tools to expand our understanding of ocean health, informing our policy decisions and our personal actions.


Brilliant Ocean looks at bioluminescent sea creatures and their mysterious capacity to transform and create light, while presenting glimmers of hope that ocean health may yet be restored.


The creative development of each section begins with filmed interviews with experts edited and integrated into a music mix, with contemporary, ballet, and urban dance, accented by visual imagery, lighting and staging elements and linked together with storytelling rap. This composite gives audiences an experience of sensory emersion and communicates science in a way that is informative, emotional, and uplifting.


Ocean Trilogy will be available for tour in September 2017

For more information, contact Fran at spectordance@earthlink.net


Ocean TrilogyChallenges” See video




Creative Director/Lead Artist:  Fran Spector Atkins

Media Artist:  William Roden, New Dawn Studios

Science Liaison:  Kyra Schlining

Music:  Bryce Dessner and Philip Glass

Costume Consultant:  Ziona Goren

Dancers:  Jamar Goodman, Jackie McConnell, Colton Sterling, Anne-Marie Talmadge, Raymond Tilton

Technical Director:  Roger Thompson

Business Manager: Amy Byington


Interviewees:  Dr. Sylvia Earle (National Geographic Explorer, author); MBARI Senior Scientists Dr. Peter Brewer (Ocean Chemist), Dr. James Barry (Benthic Ecologist),  Dr. Francisco Chavez (Biological Oceanographer), and Dr. Steven Haddock (Marine Biologist); MBARI Education and Research Specialist Dr. George Matsumoto; MBARI Director of Information and Dissemination Dr. Judith Connor, MBARI Electrical Engineering Group Lead Dr. Alana Sherman; Dr. Kenneth Coale (Chemical Oceanographer and former Director of Moss Landing Marine Labs), Erin Loury (Moss Landing Marine Labs alumni), Dr. James Lindholm (Professor of Science and Environmental Policy at California State University, Monterey Bay), and Kip Evans and Chuck Davis (Ocean Photographers). (Affiliated with MBARI) Conservation Experts:  Dr Letise LaFeir (California Ocean Policy Manager), Sarah-Mae Nelson (Conservation Interpreter & Online Community Manager), Kara Abraham Panni (Conservation & Science External Affairs Coordinator).


Ocean Trilogy Sponsors:

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Ocean Trilogy Community Partners

Monterey Bay Aquarium; Monterey County Free Public Libraries; Monterey Museum of Art; MEarth, Diablo Ballet


Ocean Trilogy Major Funders

Community Foundation of Monterey County

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National Endowment for the Arts

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Dancers Bios:



Jamar Goodman (Dancer) began his dance training when he was eight years old at The School of the Hartford Ballet under a Dance City Youth Scholarship.  He performed with The Hartford Ballet, American Ballet Theatre Studio Company, and American Ballet Theatre.  Currently, Jamar dance with Diablo Ballet.















Jackie McConnell (Dancer) is from Salem, Oregon, trained with Pacific Northwest Ballet School and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University’a Tisch School of the Arts.  She danced with Nevada Ballet Theatre, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance, based in New York City and toured with the Portland-based company, Bodyvox.  In the Bay area, she danced with Company C Contemporary Ballet, Oakland Ballet Company, Garrett and Moulton Productions, Menlowe Ballet and the San Francisco Opera.  Currently, Jackie dances with Diablo Ballet and Post: Ballet.













Colton Sterling (Dancer) was born and raised in Los Angeles.  He was adopted twice (once at birth and again at age four).   At age five, he asked his dads to take dance classes.  Since that time he has done gymnastics, acting, competitive ice skating and dance.  He graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 2014.  Currently Colton is dancing with several companies in Los Angeles.















Anne-Marie Talmadge (Dancer) is a dancer, speaker, health coach, and business mentor.  Committed to a life of self mastery and contribution, Anne-Marie, has traveled the world performing and training with such companies as Alvin Ailey, Barak Marshall’s Bridge Choreography Exchange is Israel, Spector Dance, and Multiplex.  Along with DIAVOLO’s VOLO company, anew-Marie, currently performs with Nickerson Rossi Dance Company, Sea Greene’s Shield Wall, and Not Man Apart Physical Theater Ensemble.  Anne-Marie is a California Institute of the Arts graduate and Founder of Art and Action.  “Live authentically, courageously, and inspired.”










Raymond Tilton (Dancer) was born in San Marcos and trained at San Elijo Dance Academy and San Francisco Ballet School prior to being named an apprentice in 2010 with the San Francisco Ballet and joining the Company in 2011.  Since joining Diablo Ballet is 2015, Raymond has performed in works by:  Sean Kelly, Robert Dekkers, Norbert Vesak, Gary Masters, Sonya Delwaidea, and George Balanchine.  Currently, Raymond dances with Diablo Ballet.











Photos by William Roden/New Dawn Studios







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