About SpectorDance School

Fran Spector Atkins, Artistic Director

Amy Byington, Assistant School Director

SpectorDance School is the “heart and soul” of our organization. We provide training for all ages and levels of experience in a variety of dance styles in a nurturing environment. Along with building dance skills, our training strives to build important life skills such as commitment, discipline, and respect for others. Our teachers pay particular attention to alignment, functional anatomy and the emotional needs of our students. Our students have attended prestigious programs at San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, North Carolina School for the Arts, Julliard, University of Utah, New York University, and UC Irvine, and have danced professionally with Aspen Ballet and Boston Ballet.  


SPECTORDANCE YOUTH COMPANY   The SpectorDance Youth Company (SDYC) is a selected ensemble of talented, committed, young dancers ages 11 and up. SDYC performs original contemporary works aimed to reach broad populations in our community. Auditions take place each August. Please contact Amy at 831-384-1050 if you are interested in having SDYC perform at your event or venue.








Pre Ballet is designed for 3 1/2-6 year olds. This class is an introduction to movement training.


Ballet I is designed for 6-8 year olds. This class assumes the student has no prior knowledge of ballet. The class explores the fundamentals of ballet, correct alignment, strength, flexibility, and introduction to ballet vocabulary.


Ballet II is designed for children ages 9 –12 years old. This class is a progression of the material introduced in Ballet I.


Barre_bluebknd_9779Ballet III is designed for 10 years old and above. This class continues the progression established in Ballet II. Ballet vocabulary is expanded with more complex patterns of movement at the barre, in the center, and across the floor.


Ballet IV is designed for dancers ages 11 years old and above. This class continues the established progression, with a focus on building strength and coordination, use of more complex movement sequences, increased repetition and speed.  Pointe work is introduced.


Ballet V/VI is designed for dancers ages 12 years old and above. This is a rigorous class for intermediate/advanced dancers.  Pointe work is encouraged.


Adult Ballet Beginning/Intermediate explores the fundamentals of ballet. Classes aim to enhance general health and well being through increased strength, flexibility, and coordination. This class attracts dancers of all ages and is a wonderful place to learn and explore.


Pointe  introduces the basic concepts of pointe work at the barre, in the center, and movement across the floor. Students must be at least 11 years old and have consent from the teacher.


Musical Theater combines music, songs, spoken dialogue, and dance.  Students will learn to express emotions through words, singing, movement, and technical aspects of performing.


Lyrical Jazz is a high energy class that combines the styles and techniques of ballet, modern, and jazz.


Hip Hop is a high energy and power packed class, designed to challenge each student regardless of their experience level. The material taught in this class is similar to what is seen in music videos and is presented step by step.


Tap is a syncopated movement dance class for all levels with no prior tap experience required. Students learn basic vocabulary and understanding of the conceptual foundation for this dance form. The steps and rhythms are then put together into simple combinations, routines and games.   jolie_nds_7759


Yoga includes fundamental concepts of body and breath awareness, meditation, pranayama, postural alignment, strength and flow.


HOT HULA fitness®is a fun dance workout focusing on the core especially the abs. Take your shoes off, put on a lava-lava and enjoy working out to Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae music. This effective 60-minute class is easy to follow; low impact and fun for all ages.


Choreography Workshop is designed for students interested in developing the craft of choreography. Students explore improvisation, specific choreographic tools, reading assignments, journal writing, and the creation of a solo work.


Guest Artist Performance Workshops includes daily classes followed by rehearsals to create a new work.    


TESTIMONIALS:   “I thought of you today, during a Baby Einstein video of all things! I don’t know if you know these videos but it is agreed by all that the quality is the BEST out of all kids’ videos. It is classic, intelligent, thorough, and with classical music behind it all. It reminded me of the quality of dance training you provided me with…the best!!” -Julianne Sherman, former SpectorDance student and graduate of UC Irvine Dance Department  


“There are many wonderful reasons why you should bring your child to SpectorDance. As a former dancer, I understand that SpectorDance offers world-class ballet instruction in a state of the art studio, but dancing is only one part of the whole picture. My daughter has blossomed with self-confidence, self-discipline, grace and poise. She has developed these skills through ballet classes, rehearsals, and the opportunity to perform in front of audiences. She has learned that dancing is not just for the individual but can also be a team effort, by working with other dancers to make beautiful performances. I have been particularly impressed with the way students here at SpectorDance work together to support and help one another to become the best they can be. From a mother with a strong dancing background, SpectorDance is the complete package. I could not ask for a better place to introduce my daughter to the world of dancing. Fran Spector Atkins, Artistic Director of SpectorDance, keeps her eye on all her dancers, and treats them all as a big family. SpectorDance has become a home away from home for my daughter, as well as for me.” -Amy Byington


“Fran seems to speak to, and listen for the natural artist that is in each young dancer. She brings forth that which is brilliant, gorgeous, and authentic. Being in the presence of something so special touches me deeply and often leaves me moved to tears.” -Ziona Goren  


”My daughter Cindy enjoys spending time at SpectorDance – she would not miss her dance classes for anything, not even for her friends’ birthday parties. Fran’s gentleness, patience, and dedication to her students had made Cindy thrive ever since she started dancing at SpectorDance three years ago at the age of 5.” -Diana Huang






Photos by William Roden/New Dawn Studios








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